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Jack Doe [DJ]

About the Artist

Jack Doe’s interest for music has been since he was a little boy. It made him visit all the big parties in Holland and even beyond the borders. Also it made him realize that he really wanted to work in the music business.

His first active steps into the world of music came with organizing his own parties. One of his highlights was a rave with a gig from the later number one deejay of the world at his rave in 2009. After some years of organizing parties, his interest switched to the wheels of steal itself. He started spinning in 2014 and his first gig as an active deejay was in 2015.

The music that he like to play is binary. He love to play techno with a dark and underground groove. He also like to do a gig with deep/tech-house full of warm influences, which brings up the feeling of summer.

With gigs in clubs like Club NL, PIP, Privilege, Tunnelclub and High Club Sofia alongside titans such as: The Yellowheads, Timmo, TKNO, Ilija Djokovic, Rob Hes, Lucien Foort, Olivier Weiter, Warren Fellow to name a few. Also he released on labels such as: Tauten, Yin Yang, Reload Black, I Am Different, PtntR, Gt Muzika, Gain Records and mTechno Records with remixes done by Steve Mulder, TKNO, D.R.D.N.Y., Percy Immers and Callum Plant. Allready hitting the beatport’s Hard techno charts with a 12th place, the start of Jack Doe’s journey is already bursting with success.


Already touring countries such as Bulgaria, Serbia, Ibiza and more to be announced, Jack Doe is on the way and certainly one to book or experience live!

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Techno mix Say Techno November 2016 Jack Doe
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